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    Purpose of this Forum :
    • This Section is for posting Web Hosting offers not covered in other Offer Sections. You must have 15 Posts, to be able to post Links.
    • This section is STRICTLY for Web Hosting Offers ( like Colocation, Email Hosting , VoIP, Shoutcast, DNS Hosting or other Hosting Types ) not covered elsewhere.
    • There is No Price Restriction.
    Who Cannot Start a New Thread :
    • Banned Members
    • Buyers cannot Start Threads. However, they can reply to existing offers and ask Questions / Sales Queries.
    What is Allowed :
    • Posting Offers for Different Hosting Types other than Shared, Reseller, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated.
    • Buyers can Reply to Threads for Better Clarity / Sales Queries
    What is NOT Allowed in this Section :
    • Spamming the Forum
    • Thread Bumping
    • Replying & Bashing Other Hosts / Providers
    • Replying to Threads with ( Negative or Positive ) Feedback and Reviews
    • Providers MUST NOT Reply to Ads/Offers of Other Providers
    • Asking for Hosting Offers ( Please use Request Section )
    Important Notes :

    A. This Forum is for Posting OFFERS ONLY.
    B. If you are a Buyer, and need to ask for Virtual Server Quotation / Offers, Please use the "Request" Section.

    C. The Allowance for Number of New Threads within a Period varies for Different Groups :-

    • Registered Members ( Posts > 15 ) : 1 New Thread every 15 days
    • Verified Web Host : 1 New Thread every 10 Days
    • Premium Members : 1 New Thread every 7 days
    • Trusted Members : 1 New Thread every 5 Days
    D. All Prices MUST be Recurring. No One time Discount Offers are allowed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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